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26 June

Geek Language Quiz 2 – Animal Kingdom Edition

Geek Language Quiz 2 – Animal Kingdom Edition

Our second Geek language quiz will focus on “animals” in the tech world. There are many technologies with “animal” names. Ready to test your “animal” technology knowledge?

  1. Which open source operating system with this penguin logo? (1 point)
  2. Linux logo

    A). Polaar

    B). Linux

    C). CentOS

    D). Penguin

    E). BSD


  3. Which popular big-data technology is named after a toy elephant? (1 points)
  4. Hadoop elephant logo

    A). MapReduce

    B). Babar

    C). Hadoop

    D). Kafka

    E). Dumbo


  5. What’s the name of a Java servlet technology using this logo? (2 points)
  6. Tomcat logo

    A). TomCat

    B). Tigr

    C). BigCat

    D). Garfield

    E). Tigger


  7. What is “Pig”? (3 points)
  8. pig logo

    A). A DSL (domain specific language) for NoSQL

    B). An open source cross-platform software security toolkit library

    C). A cross-platform, distributed revision control tool

    D). A platform for analyzing large dataset

    E). An open source tool for managing events and logs


  9. Can you name the virtualization technology with this whale logo? (3 points)
  10. docker logo

    A). VirtualBox

    B). VMWare

    C). OpenVZ

    D). HyperV

    E). Docker



1. B-Linux, 2. C-Hadoop, 3. A-Tomcat, 4. D-A platform for analyzing large dataset, 5. E-Docker



0-2 points: Ewok

3-5 points: Chewbacca

6-8 points: Luke Skywalker

9 points: Obi-Wan Kenobi

10 points: Yoda


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