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18 October

Geek Language Quiz 5: Front-End Developer Edition

Geek Language Quiz 5: Front-End Developer Edition

Recruiters constantly seek out great front-end developers who do not just write codes but can also make user’s digital experience magical.

Here are some of the skills a recruiter looks for in prospect front-end developers. If front-end developer roles have been on your radar, take this fun quiz and see how many front-end technology logos you can recognize.

1. Front-end developers are often expected to have experience in designing and implementing UIs using Bootstrap, Foundation, or Ionic. These are all frameworks that use the fundamentals of a style language whose logo is seen below.  What is it? (1 point)


A.) Java


C.) C++


E.) Objective-C


2. The logo below represents a software widely used for design and rapid prototyping by front-end developers. Can you name it? (1 point)


A.) Axure

B.) Adobe Creative Cloud

C.) OmniGraffle

D.) Invision

E.) Lucidchart


3. A front-end developer is required to demonstrate knowledge and expertise in open source JavaScript libraries. Which one of the most popular libraries these days uses the logo below? (2 points)


A.) EmberJS

B.) NodeJS

C.) ReactJS

D.) SpineJS

E.) jQuery


4. It is important that recruiters find a front-end engineer who uses test frameworks to ensure the quality of their work. Which one has the logo below? (3 points)


A.) Jasmine

B.) Mocha

C.) QUnit

D.) Browserify

E.) Chai


5. (bonus question) Now going beyond the front-end into the back-end, front-end engineers who can also code in a server-side language have extra advantages. One example of a server-side language has a logo shown below. Do you know its name? (3 points)


A.) Ruby



D.) Perl

E.) Python


1. D-CSS, 2. B-Adobe Creative Cloud, 3. C-ReactJS, 4. A-Jasmine, 5. E-Python

(Note: The rankings below are based purely on mutant powers, not virtues.)

0-2 points: Erik Lensherr aka Magneto

3-5 points: Ororo Munroe aka Storm

6-8 points: Professor Charles Francis Xavier aka Professor X

9 points: Bobby Drake aka Iceman

10 points: Jean Grey aka The Phoenix


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