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24 March

A Quick Guide to iOS Developers’ Capability Levels

With over 75% of Americans owning smartphones and over 50% owning tablets for both personal and business use, companies are busy developing mobile apps to serve their customers on all sorts of mobile devices. Apple being the giant in this space, with its popular iPhones and iPads running on their mobile operating system iOS, plays an important role.

This means many companies are hiring iOS Mobile Developers these days and recruiters are busy looking for them. When recruiting and hiring iOS developers, how should we assess these candidates? To help us get a clearer picture, Read more…

26 August

Project Managers: Why do we need them around in an IT environment?

Project-Manager1The position of project manager seems generic and self-explanatory; someone who manages projects. However, upon even a few minutes of searching, it is evident that the abundance of functions and job titles can be quite daunting. Therefore, this week on Geekology, we will attempt to clarify a few of these points.

First and foremost, project managers exist in every industry, whether be it architecture, construction, government, healthcare, real estate, you name it. Besides the basic communication and related soft skills that are necessary, their job functions require backgrounds that are industry specific. However, given the diversity of applicants, it is not uncommon for potential candidates to be lacking in IT-related experience. Fortunately, there are often non-technical positions that do not require computer science degrees and on the job training is also an option if the requirements are not overly rigorous. Read more…

17 March

Career Levels of Technical Recruiters


Recruiters are always talking about other people’s careers, namely the careers of their candidates and prospects. There seems to have a lot less discussion about the careers for the recruiters themselves. This is no exception for technical recruiters. In today’s blog, we’ll take a good look at the career levels of technical recruiters at Redfin.

We were excited to sit down for an interview with DK Burnaby, Senior Recruiting Manager – Technology, Business Ops and Early Career Talent at Redfin, and previously Manager, Talent Acquisition Programs and Operations at Concur (recently acquired by SAP). Having experience managing talent acquisition teams at fast-growing technology companies, DK is the perfect expert to help us get insights on today’s subject, specifically in an in-house recruiting setting.

Read more…