How Developers Scan Job Descriptions: SDE

Software Development Engineer (Seattle) Previously, Geekology interviewed an iOS Mobile Developer and an QA Engineer to learn how potential technical candidates feel about the job descriptions they would run into. In this installment in our series, we set to find out more by interviewing an experienced SDE currently working at a leading technology company. You will soon see from …

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Decoding Microsoft’s SDE Titles and Levels

Technical recruiters unavoidably will run into current or former Microsoft engineers, especially on the West Coast.  Software development engineers (SDE) at Microsoft are grouped based on an internal title and level system.  Here is a quick walk-through of how Microsoft ranks their software engineers (technical individual contributors). SDE band: Level 59 – Straight out of …

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Geek Language Quiz 1

In this “Geek Language Quiz” series, we’ll list some commonly asked questions about technical terms, especially for recruiting purposes, and their answers. Test and score yourself on your understanding of the Geek language. Have fun! Q. How are Java and JavaScript related? A. They are not related for the most part. Java is an general-purpose programming language. JavaScript …

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