Business Intelligence

Keeping It Real With Real-Time Systems

Image: Infosys Blogs The term “real-time” may be a term you have heard many times before. Did you know that many systems run on real-time as well? Real-time systems have more specific conditions than regular systems, where there are strict timing restrictions on producing the outputs. This means the system must produce a response at …

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What is a Business Analyst?

Business analyst is a popular title across many industries, including software and management consulting. Consulting firms (think Accenture and Deloitte) of all sizes and tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia, Groupon, and even Big Fish Games are constantly hiring business analysts. To better understand this popular role, we will explain what they do and who …

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What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence, or BI, is a term that is used to describe different types of software applications that are used to analyze raw data. Some common activities that make up BI include data mining, online analytical processing, querying, and reporting. There are three main components in the basic BI concepts: Data Warehouse The first component …

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