5 Common Programming Languages – What You Should Know about Them

5 Common Programming Languages – What You Should Know about Them

There are hundreds and hundreds of programming languages. Do we really need all these programming languages? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular programming languages of 2015 and the applications built by them.

1. Java

Java programming language

Image: Wikimedia Commons

What it is: Java is designed to “write once, run everywhere” (WORE). This literally means that code written on Windows could very well work on your toaster or washing machine. More commonly, it means code written in Windows will run in Linux or Mac OS X.

Popular Application(s): Blu-ray Disc Java, OpenOffice.org, Minecraft, Apache Hadoop


2. JavaScript

Unofficial JavaScript logo 2

Image: Wikimedia Commons

What it is: JavaScript has emerged as the de facto language for the web and beyond, such as being used for building mobile apps and back-end systems. Remember, JavaScript and Java are very different!

Popular applications(s): Anytime you use a website, chances are you are interacting with JavaScript!

3. Python

Python logo and wordmark

Image: Wikimedia Commons

What it is: Python is an object-oriented programming language and considered easier to learn than most other languages. The reason—it’s easy to read and requires less code to complete tasks.

Popular application(s): Dropbox, Instagram, Pinterest

4. Ruby

Ruby logo

Image: Wikimedia Commons

What it is: The philosophy behind Ruby was to create a language with a focus on simplicity and allowing programmers to express actions faster with few lines of code. According to its creator, Matz, a principle he had in mind was that “Programming languages must feel natural to programmers.”

Popular applications(s): Kickstarter, GitHub, Groupon, and Shopify

5. C++

Image: isocpp

What it is: C++ is considered the jack-of-all-trades in the programming community. If you are looking for a language with fast execution speeds and universally known, look no further than C++.

Popular application(s): Adobe Photoshop, Bloomberg, MongoDB, MySQL, JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab, NASA) Mar rover autonomous driving system

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